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從本地活動到國家問題,MMEA 和 NafME 提供您作為音樂教育者所需的網絡、專業發展和資源的組合。

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To Join or Renew Membership please visit

July 2023 - June 2024 Dues By Membership Type

  • Active - $150 ($102 NAfME, $48 MMEA)

  • Introductory Active - $75 ($51 NAfME, $24 MMEA) Please note: The introductory active membership is available to those in their first year of full-time music teaching or other music related education work who have been collegiate members during the preceding membership year.  This level is only available for one year. 

  • Collegiate - $45 ($31 NAfME, $14 MMEA) A collegiate membership is available to those who are full time students in a college or university program and not currently teaching. 

  • Retired - $75 ($51 NafME, $24 MMEA)

Value and Benefits of NAfME Membership July 2023 (1).png


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